Akron Motorcycling History

 Listed Below is an index for the book. The tabs and page numbers are listed for each person who appears.

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Page Tab
Akers, Jon 198 Harley People
Akron Aces 63 Other People
Akron Bible Church 110 Other People
Akron Coca Cola 175 Harley People
Akron Daytona People 86 Other People
Akron Enduro Riders 84 Other People
Akron Hog Chapter 137 Harley Dealers
Akron Hog Club 201 Harley People
Akron Kart Center 87-88 Other People
Akron Lady MC 154,156 Harley People
Akron MC Club 1912 49,50 Other People
Akron MC Corp 57-60 Other People
Akron Police MC 154,164,165 Harley People
Amodoi, Wendy and Dan 255 Indian People
Anitique MC Ads 113-117 Other People
Austin, Charles 246,248 Indian People
Ausitin, Terry 247 Indian People
Barberton MC Club 141,142 Harley People
Bauman , Grover 50-52 Other People
Bedard, Bud 177,178 Harley People
Bedard, Jim 183 Harley People
Bertele, J.J. 124-132 Harley Dealers
Bertele, L.A. 49 Other People
Bessemer, Roy 150 Harley People
Bianchi, Dave 77,79 Other People
Bittenger, Family 225 Indian People
Blair, Ray 195 Harley People
Blike, Mike 85 Other People
BMW Club 100 Other People
Boal, Buck 171 Harley People
Boal, Buck 243 Indian People
Bogdanovich, Chuck 171 Harley People
Bogdanovich, Chuck 243 Indian People
Bogdanovich, Joe 243 Indian People
Boyce, Bill 186 Harley People
Breath, Jack 167 Harley People
Bridger, Scott 205 Harley People
Bud 202 Harley People
Burkett, Bob 176 Harley People
Cam Jammers 85 Other People
Capron, Red 50 Other People
Caraulds, Al 53 Other People
Carlile, Gene and Virginia 99 Other People
Carper, Jack and Milllie 86 Other People
Carver, Dick 83 Other People
Chadima MC Shop 187 Harley People
Charity Newsies Souvenier 82,84 Other People
Chaves, Andenago 155 Harley People
Christy, Carle 168 Harley People
Coleman, William 8 11 Other Dealers
Cuts, Matt 173 Harley People
C.W 183 Harley People
Daniels, Mickey 188 Harley People
Davis, Jay 246 Indian People
Descutner, Victor 26 Other Dealers
Dinkleman, Gerry 102 Other People
Dochak, Mary 176 Harley People
Donna 104 Other People
Dreyer, Floyd 51,52 Other People
Egner, Bob 206 Harley People
Ehrichs, Chuck and Theresa 108 Other People
Evans, Pop 151 Harley People
Falor, Chuck and wife at Winks 101 Other People
Fletcher, Keith 204 Harley People
Fletcher, Norma 206 Harley People
Fetzar, Norma 149 Harley People
Few, Tom 204 Harley People
Fifty Years with a 1915 Harley 206 50 Years W/ a 1915 Harley
First MC License 50 Other People
Folk, George 234 Indian People
Fountain Park Fair Ground 50-51 Other People
Franz. Larry Sr & Jr 74,75 Other People
Franz, Phillip Sr & Jr 72,73 Other People
Fulton, Shorty 157 Harley People
Gallon, Richard 171 Harley People
Ganbacinne,Paul 228 Indian People
Gene, Sice 183 Harley People
Gish, Paul 149 Harley People
Givens, Earl 177,178 Harley People
Givens, Earl 78 Other People
Greater Akron MC Club 144, 148,151,168,174,178,179,180 Harley People
Greater Akron MC Club 53,64,109 Other People
Goff, Ted 257 Indian People
Golden Wheels MC Club 100 Other People
Govenor, Bill 51 Other People
Gross, denise 205 Harley People
Guretti bros 77,79 Other People
Gypsy Tour 1924 53 Other People
Hagarty,Don 188 Harley People
Hagarty, Hal 152,153 Harley People
Hagarty, Jim 149,190 Harley People
Hagarty Jim and Marcene 152,177,178 Harley People
Hagg,Lloyd 173 Harley People
Halter, Rocky 255,256 Indian People
Halter, Rocky 103 Other People
Hanna, Bruce 104 Other People
Harley Shop on Water street 181 Harley People
Harlong, Bill 183 Harley People
Harper, Gill 173 Harley People
Hartman, Ernie 265 Indian People
Hay, Walter 56 Other People
Heatwald,Robert 243 Indian People
Herdina,Hank 167 Harley People
Hoy,Sam 173,174,177,178,000 Harley People
Hoy,Sam 109 Other People
Hollosy, Mike 147 Harley People
Hollosy, Mike and Helen 169,170 Harley People
Hope Café 98 Other People
Hosafros, Mike 98 Other People
Hudso, Jimmy 151 Harley People
Hulse, Sturwart and Richard 249 Indian People
Indian Payment Book 231 Indian People
Indian Price List 266 Indian People
Indian Sales Agreement 230 Indian People
Indian Sales and Service 234,235,260,261 Indian People
Jackson Jim and Edna 203 Harley People
John and Nancy Aubrey 104 Other People
Johns,Connieand Nita 202 Harley People
Josif, Paul 184,203,304 Harley People
Kato, Keith and Cheryl 97,99 Other People
Kennedy, John 186 Harley People
Kent Ohio MC Club 76-78 Other People
Kent Policemen 79 Other People
King Ward and Connie 86 Other People
Kish, Steve 104 Other People
Kiss,Helen 239,240,241 Indian People
Klages Ice and Coal 54 Other People
Kraft,Herman 49 Other People
Laidig,Glenn 224 Indian People
LaSalle,Gov. 224 Indian People
Lawson, Phil 186 Harley People
Leaky, Dale 256 Indian People
Lee, Crystal 88 Other People
Leslie, Leda 101 Other People
Lilman, Bill 139 Harley People
Little One 104 Other People
Lister, W.S. 123 Harley Dealers
Lohman, Fred 247 Indian People
Long, Homer 66 Other People
Lots-A-Moshun MC Club 1 95 Other People
Loviara, Gary 139 Harley People
Lowers,John 177,178,182 Harley People
Mace, Karl 83,84,109 Other People
Mahaley, John 186 Harley People
Mululavich, Mike 197 Harley People
Massa, Tony 66 Other People
McCoulough, Dexter and Ike 244 Indian People
McDonald, Kevin 206 Harley People
MeiGhen's MC Shop 195,196 Harley People
Miller, Bobbu Lee 62 Other People
Miller, Joe 183 Harley People
Miller, Rick and Ruth 97 Other People
Miller Rubber 223 Indian People
Miller, Ted 203 Harley People
Mitchell 54 Other People
Morriss, Jack 189,203,204,,200 Harley People
Morriss, Jack 83,103 Other People
Morriss, Jack Interview Video Home
Morris, Jack and Ruth 99 Other People
Morris, John 83,93-96, Other People
Morris, John 206-1.206-2,206-3 50 Years W/ a 1915 Harley
Motorcycle Accidents 111,112 Other People
Moughler, Bob 182 Harley People
Myers,Darwin 187 Harley People
Newhouse, Bill 254 Indian People
Newman, Bob 168 Harley People
Nickless, Clyde 177,178 Harley People
Noble, Evelyn 53 Other People
Noble, Homer 224 Indian People
O'Connell, Helen 140 Harley People
Owens, lois and Arthur 145 Harley People
Passeos, Ernie  137 Harley People
Passeos, Ernie  190 Harley People
Passeos, Rosemary 205 Harley People
Park, Walter 88 Other People
Parravani, Frank and Cheryl 202 Harley People
Parso, Mere 188 Harley People
Penninsula Hill Climbs 54,55, 65-72 Other People
Penninsula Hill Climbs 244 Indian People
Perri, George 151 Harley People
Perri, Vic 151,176 Harley People
Pershing, Greald (Speedy) 158,159,161-163,245 Harley People
Pershing, Greald (Speedy) 56,61 Other People
Picket, Paul And Perry 99 Other People
Polovic, John 246,255,256 Indian People
Pony Express 106,107 Other People
Portage Indian Sales and Service 229 Indian People
Porter, Harold (polecat) 83 Other People
Renner, Dick and Melody 104 Other People
Ranomer, Sam 146 Harley People
Raymond, Bob 130-132 Harley Dealers
Raymond, Bob 16,17 Other Dealers
Rick, Bill 83 Other People
Ricks Riders 105 Other People
Righteouc riders 201 Harley People
Ringer, Floyd 147 Harley People
Rocky Greathouse Riders 199,200 Harley People
Ross, Chick 44 Other People
Ross, Chick 171,172 Harley People
Rowh, Bill 102 Other People
Rowles, Gene 188 Harley People
Rumschlog, Leon 176 Harley People
Scharf, Denny 188,194 Harley People
Scharf, Denny 188,194 Harley People
Sgaraglino,Vito 56,63 Other People
Shafer Woody 177,178 Harley People
Simmons, Bob (Chief) 249,256 Indian People
Simonson, Lloyd 153 Harley People
Sires, Bob 151 Harley People
Skipper, Harry and Mary 226,227 Indian People
Smith, Bud 90 Other People
Smith, Don 88-90 Other People
Smith, Pat 88-90 Other People
Smith, William 56 Other People
Snyder, russell 141 Harley People
Sons Harley Shop 195,196 Harley People
Sportsmen Show 232 Indian People
Starts, Al 150 Harley People
Starts, Paul (Pat) 149 Harley People
Stark, Bob and Shorty 260,263 Indian People
Stark Carol and Dick 228 Indian People
Stark, Charles 259 Indian People
Stark, Dick 260,262-264 Indian People
Stark Family History 258 Indian People
Stark, Lois 259 Indian People
Stark, Richard and Diana 256,265 Indian People
Stewart Family 252,253 Indian People
Stewart, Jim 56 Other People
Stewart, Scotty 63 Other People
Sutton, Ted 173 Harley People
Taystee Bread 236 Indian People
Thomas, Sam 50-52 Other People
Tompkins, Dale 177,178 Harley People
Tompkins, Dale 66 Other People
Tonney, Debra 146 Harley People
Topa, Steve 80-81 Other People
Toots 109 Other People
Treco, Joe 185 Harley People
Turner, Clarence 153,154 Harley People
Wadsworth Milk 153 Harley People
Wadsworth Ramblers MC Club 66,84-86 Other People
Wadsworth Ramblers MC Club 183 Harley People
Wagner, Henry 49 Other People
Wagner, Phillip 3,6,7,9,11,12 Other Dealers
Wagner, Phillip 49,50 Other People
Wagner, Phillip 120-122 Harley Dealers
Wahl, Chuck 192,193,104-119 Harley People
Wahl, Chuck 66 Other People
Warden, Bobby 86 Other People
Warden, Duane 86,91 Other People
West, Jim 103 Other People
Wilson, Bill 186 Harley People
Wilson, Louie 151 Harley People
Winks MC Cruise In 101 Other People
Women of the Wind 106 Other People
Wolf, Linden and Barbera 108 Other People
Woodfoot, Ivan 63 Other People
Worden, Duane 177,178 Harley People
Worden, Duane 66 Other People
Youngs Hotel Picnic 222 Indian People